Kevin Croake

Coding Playlist 2016Top 5 Best Songs for your keyboarding & mousing

Music is probably the best thing since fire. Seriously though, what else in human existence has an impact like music.

If you know me or work with me you know I listen to msuic for most of the day. It's one of the few things that keep focused and creative. So for my first blog post I thought it would be fun to do a top 5 songs for coding. So Buzzfeed like of me.

1. Derezzed by Daft Punk the Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Have you ever coded a home page? Have you ever coded a home page on speed!? Just kidding about the speed part, but seriously this is one of the best songs to start your day to. Its a little aggresive but I need that extra shot of espersso with my coffee some mornings and this song helps fill that void.

Daft Punk is just great too. Their ability to create a score for a film that gave The Grid a character link feeling is amazing.

2. Wayfaring Stranger Remix by Joachim Pastor remixed by AKA AKA & Thalstroem from Wayfaring Stranger Single

After your morning coffee with an extra shot of Derezzed you need something to chill you out a tiny bit but keep you working. So preferable you want something with a tiny bit of repitition and groove. This song is defintily it. To be honest I can't tell you anything about of the artist or why the album artwork is wearing pasties but the song is fantastic.

I also have no freaking clue where I found it. My guess it was on some Spotify playlist or radio. To be honest I was pretty hesitant to put it on my list but after a few listens through on my CodeTunes playlist I decided it couldn't leave it out.

3. Pets by deadmau5

I discovered deadmau5 junior year of college. I somehow stumbled across the track "Raise Your Weapon" and was blown away by the overall production of the song. The build up, the dubstep breakdown(which I normally hate), and choice and female vocals made for a great song.

Since then I've been a big fan. Pets is one of his more ambient tracks, which when it comes to electronic music I prefer. Pets is a great chill out song to jam to when you are plugging away at a vanilla javascript problem you can't figure out. Still can't believe I forgot on.window load the other day (so much refreshing).

4. Island by Mastodon

Sometimes in your playlist you just need a little bit ofr rage mixed with fantasy. Which is why I love the song Island by Mastodon. Island pronounced Iceland is off their second album and frist concept album Leviathan. Leviathan is loosely(very loosely) off the famous book Moby Dick by Herman Meville.

Island tells a story about Vikings landing on the island of Iceland. As you can tell I have no freaking clue what the song is actually about. All I know is that it references Thor and other parts norse mythogoly as well as sound totally badass.

Its also featured in the hit Disney Pixar movie Monster's Univiersity.

5. Genesis by Ghost B.C.

I've just discovered recently. At first I'll was a little freaked out the whole get up of this band is pretty insane and if you are raised Irish Catholic with a supersition for satanic stuff. But by judging by the album art(Salem's Lot refrennce for those wondering) its all horror theme and for the most part its all for show. Genesis is an insane instrumental piece of the band's first full album Opus Eponoyomous. Definitly one of the more chill metal tracks to have on your list.

Like what you are listening to? Check out he full playlist on Spotify. CodeTunes